3 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Poor Students

Are you excited for the new year?

Probably not, because with a new year comes a whole new semester, and that means either more student loans, or working your butt off to pay for school out of your pocket. Hopefully it’s the latter – or that your folks will help you out with the balance.

That brings me to a few awesome New Year’s resolutions for poor students everywhere:

poor student

1. Resolve to Save Tons of Money by Doing One Simple Thing

Resolve to save tons of money on student loan interest by paying for your semesters of school up front. Student loans are a huge money suck when you do finally graduate and have to pay them back, and you don’t want to be stuck shelling out well into your thirties, and ten years into your career.

Make this a goal and try to stick to it: if you don’t have a job, try to find one so you can pay for your next semester. Make a schedule if you are worried about time management with school work. There is always a solution, so don’t make up problems that you think are insolvable. They aren’t.

2. Resolve to Get Ahead By Cutting Out Going Out

Okay, you don’t have to completely cut out leaving your house or anything, but make a resolution to go out less. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on beer at the pub when you could just as easily go to a party at a friend’s house or have a few beer at the dorms or in your apartment.

Going out all the time is a huge waste of money and you don’t want to be stuck shelling out for a night that you may or may not remember when you wake up. If you go out just one night less per month you’ll save hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. Maybe even enough for a vacation to Mexico next Christmas.

3. Resolve to Invest Like a Boss

Not investing now is like committing to being a poor student forever. Investing is incredibly important and something that you need to do to ensure that your savings aren’t being eaten up by the evil inflation monster.

Just invest! If you don’t know anything about investing, find a club on campus to join that will help you learn. Find an investing mentor who can be a sounding board for the process. Or pick up a few books that will teach you about the subject.

Investing is a huge part of a sound financial future and plan, so you must start now. There is no better time than in 2015.


You can completely own 2015, but you have to make and keep some awesome New Year’s resolutions. Your money depends on it and being a student is no excuse for being a poor student. You should only be a POOR student because you are paying for college upfront and investing all of your extra money – not because you are wallowing in debt and self pity.

3 Cheap Holiday Entertainment Ideas

It’s Christmas break from school and you have so much time on your hands! Well, hopefully you are working and not wasting this precious time spending all of your money so that you have to rely on student loans to get you through the next semester.

But, I digress. You do deserve to have a bit of fun on your time off, as you work so hard throughout the year, so here are some ways to have fun but save money at the same time.

Get Togethers

Get togethers are a great way to have fun on the cheap, because you aren’t going out. They are usually hosted at somebody’s house, and really you only have to pay for your beer and if you have any food that you are bringing.

They are safe and fun, and allow you to let loose a bit.

Get together at a friend’s house instead of spending a ton of money at a bar. It will save you big time.

Family Time

Christmas is great for just chilling out and spending time with the family, and there isn’t a lot that is cheaper that you could do. Your family probably wants to see you and spend time with you, especially if you had to travel at all for the holidays to go see them.

Don’t take for granted the power (and savings) of family time.

Spend Some Time Online

Whether you are spending your online time building an online business, just chatting with friends, getting ready for your next semester, or playing free games, like Slotomania free video slots games, you can save some serious money online.

No matter where you are, an internet connection is pretty easy to come by, and you can avoid cold weather by getting cozy with your laptop.

Plus, the internet is a great way to escape from the family drama that the holidays sometimes bring on.

The holidays are expensive, especially for students who have another semester coming up to pay for. Don’t spend more than you have to – these methods will help you save some money over the season.

2 Tips to Rock Your Finances After Graduation

Graduating is certainly a special time in everyone’s life. It signifies a major move from childhood to adulthood, and there is an overwhelming excitement as you branch out and begin to figure things out on your own.

graduation students

Sure, you did have to figure out a lot of things on your own (this is where you give a big shout-out to YouTube for helping you) when you went away to college, but this is different. Now you have to learn about direct deposit, medical insurance, and probably a 401(k). In addition to this you should probably start thinking about buying a house and settling down somewhere that you will ultimately call home.

With all of these decisions looming, where do you possibly start?

First Things First

If you truly want to succeed in life after college, you absolutely need to dump whatever debt you may have accumulated over the prior 4 years. Many average Joe’s might try to tell you different (because it’s all they know), but according to millionaires, this is the most important step to becoming wealthy in the future. If I were you, I would listen to the millionaires. So this means getting rid of your student loans and any credit card debt that you have acquired.

Next, you need to be sure that you do not acquire any new debt. DO NOT congratulate yourself by purchasing a new car. You might think that you deserve it and that you will look important to everyone around you, but to the financial responsible you are merely stating, “I went through college, learned nothing, and am now being a financial idiot.” Believe me, people will not be as impressed with your new ride as you think they will be.

Many will also be pushing you into buying a house because that is a real sign of adulthood. Do not be fooled. While houses may appreciate in value, they are not essential to building wealth. If you can find some cheap rent in a small apartment near work, you will likely gain wealth much faster than those that are paying interest on a massive home loan.

Invest Like There’s No Tomorrow

After you decide to get through life without any debt (this, by the way, puts you miles ahead of your friends and family that are buying everything on credit today), you can start to amass some major wealth in a short period of time.

The average person invests nothing for their future. This is just plain stupid.

The above average and seemingly strange person socks away 10% of their income and puts it toward their future retirement. This is will allow them to retire comfortably by the age of 65.

The insane individual today gives a lot of thought toward the future and puts 50% of their income toward their retirement with the hope of retiring very early. This leads to amazingness.

Obviously, investing nothing is a terrible idea for your future. What you really want to do is invest a portion of every paycheck and keep your eyes open for income producing assets such as real estate or small business ventures. If you continually put your money toward ventures that pay you more money, you will be set for life.

Are you ready to not only survive, but thrive after graduation?

Don’t Burn Out! Free Entertainment Ideas for Students

As a student, you are probably strapped for cash with tuition payments (hopefully you are trying to graduate debt free) and shelling out for textbooks and other school expenses.

After awhile, with all of these expenses, responsibility fatigue can compound and make you burn out, which would in turn mean that you would make poor choices or even just stop losing focus.

You need to be able to have some fun every once in awhile, even if it’s not in the budget. There are a handful of free ways to have fun, so before you completely burn out, try one of these things:

Getting Outdoors

Getting outdoors is completely free, and it’s great for the mind. Fresh air and exercise is a huge stress reliever, and can fight depression. Going out for a hike, run, or walk, or even just walking to school or work from home instead of driving can be fun, free, and very beneficial.

You could also try throwing a frisbee in a park or kicking around a ball on campus.

 Play Online

The internet is your playground, and it is generally free if you bring your laptop to a coffee shop or on campus, and there’s so much to do online.

You can read blogs, research your favourite topic, spend time on social media or streaming shows, and playing games.

Try Project Free TV for some free entertainment, or play free video slots games and rejuvenate yourself.

Check What is Going On in Your Community

Your community probably has many free things going on out there, and if you don’t know about them the information is easily accessible. Between festivals and conferences and events, there is usually something for everyone that is put on by the community center – sometimes you can even score some free food.

There’s this notion out there that entertainment has to be expensive, but that’s simply not the case. You can have fun for free if you know what to do and where to look. You don’t have to spend a lot to get some stress release!