Shop Like You Make Six Figures (Without Spending a Lot): A Guide to Savvy Spending for College Students

When you’re a student, you don’t have a lot of money.

But sometimes, you need to spend a little cash, whether that’s to eat out, go out, or buy school supplies.

Plus, it’s no fun to have to be holed up in your dorm room all day because of your budget.

Luckily, there are ways to save money while still being able to enjoy life and your years in college.

Here are some tips:

Cheap Eats

There is nothing quite like a gourmet ramen dinner for 20 cents. Ditch the dirty noodles and grab something sweet for less. A great way to find cheap eats is to check out online offers and coupon codes. You can save 50-90% off food at killer restaurants using websites like Groupon.

DIY Dorm Room

Pimp out your room for a better year with DIY projects on the cheap. Thing mini-fridge, microwave, coffee makers, cool desks, curtains, wall organizers, and much more! Stores like Home Depot offer a variety of online savings, DIY advice and help, as well as deep discounts on all the things listed above.

School Supplies

From white out to paper, printer ink and pens stores like Walgreens have got the market cornered. With online coupon codes, you can get up to 90% off all the things you need for class and still chip in on the keg for that beer pong tournament you’re gonna slay next weekend.

Fun Times

Paying bills for the first time, figuring out where your journalism 101 class is, making sure you ace that theatre history exam, and attending your best friend’s toga party are very important things. You’re going to get burnt out.

What better way to recharge and refuel with a mini-weekend getaway!? Grab some friends, chip in for gas, get a rental car and hit the open road. Groupon has coupons for sites like Fox Rent A Car and—boom! Instant savings and fun times!

Making Memories

Your college years really are some of the best times of your life. From freshmen orientation, to that party where the ceiling burst in your buddy’s frat house, to that time you used the stairs as a sleigh ride, or the big game where you burnt some couches and ended up on ESPN…frame your moments. Make cool photo collages or even photo memory books at Shutterfly! With prints often starting at 10 cents, you’ll be the coolest friend ever.


Cheap Valentine’s Dates Great for College Students

Do you have a Valentine?

Either a significant other you’ve been with for awhile, or a one-time or first date who you plan on going out with this Valentine’s day?

If so, and you’re a student, you probably want to save money on your date.

After all, you have tuition and textbooks to pay for and a $60 dinner isn’t feasible anymore.

Luckily there are are ways to save money on your Valentines day date – try one of these alternatives instead of the expensive steak dinner:

A Picnic at Home

Eating at home isn’t’ particularly romantic, however what is, is having a picnic at home. Pack up a basket and lay out a blanket in your living room. Some candles also help, plus some music.

Make sure to cook up a decent meal instead of just throwing sandwhiches together, but the ambiance of eating on the ground with one another can be very romantic. Plus, it will save you some money.

Movie and Dessert

Instead of going for a full dinner, a movie is actually pretty cheap – as long as you don’t get snacks at the theater. You won’t be able to spend as much time with one another chatting with the movie playing in the background, so after your movie, head out for some dessert at your local ice cream shop or restaurant.

Dessert keeps the cost down and it’s also very Valentines’ day-esque.

Walk at the Park

Who says you need to go on your date in the evening on Valentine’s day? Just because most people do, doesn’t mean that has to be the case. Instead, try going to the park during the day for a walk. Not only is it fun and gets you outside, but you’ll also avoid the crazy V-day crowds that happen in the evening.

Plus, walks let you talk more than restaurants do.


College students don’t have to completely avoid celebrating Valentine’s day. They can enjoy for much less!

How to Earn Passive Income While In College

You have bills to pay.

Of course you do, you’re a college student. Text books, food, tuition, housing, and the occasional drink at the pub aren’t free.

But you also have classes to attend, study groups to join, and homework to do, so you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a job.

So you want to make money passively.

Who doesn’t?

Luckily, you can still make money through passive income while you’re in college.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Earn Passive Income with P2P

Want to cut out the banks and earn passive income by doing good?

In comes P2P.

P2P lending is lending money to a peer (peer-to-peer lending) instead of a bank, or a credit union.

This is a huge, awesome opportunity to make money and many people make thousands of dollars a month in passive income through P2P lending.

Think about it – banks make a ton of money through lending, and so can you.

So sign up for a P2P platform (the most popular lending platform is which will connect you as a lender to borrowers, and as a borrower to lenders) and get the ball rolling. If you sign up with Prosper through my affiliate link, it will be very helpful to me :)

Invest Your Cash

You’re saving whatever cash you do have for tuition, right?

But it shouldn’t just be sitting in your bank account to never earn any money. Make it work for you!

Invest your money to make some truly passive income. Most people don’t invest because they have analysis paralysis – they just think they don’t know enough about it and it’s daunting.

But if you ever considered investing and haven’t started yet, now is the time to do it.

My favorite platform is  eToro.You can find other traders on eToro, view their returns, and copy portfolios with their OpenBook feature.


These are easily the two best and most profitable, time-stamped ways of earning passive income. Don’t pass up the opportunity for free, easy money!

3 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Poor Students

Are you excited for the new year?

Probably not, because with a new year comes a whole new semester, and that means either more student loans, or working your butt off to pay for school out of your pocket. Hopefully it’s the latter – or that your folks will help you out with the balance.

That brings me to a few awesome New Year’s resolutions for poor students everywhere:

poor student

1. Resolve to Save Tons of Money by Doing One Simple Thing

Resolve to save tons of money on student loan interest by paying for your semesters of school up front. Student loans are a huge money suck when you do finally graduate and have to pay them back, and you don’t want to be stuck shelling out well into your thirties, and ten years into your career.

Make this a goal and try to stick to it: if you don’t have a job, try to find one so you can pay for your next semester. Make a schedule if you are worried about time management with school work. There is always a solution, so don’t make up problems that you think are insolvable. They aren’t.

2. Resolve to Get Ahead By Cutting Out Going Out

Okay, you don’t have to completely cut out leaving your house or anything, but make a resolution to go out less. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on beer at the pub when you could just as easily go to a party at a friend’s house or have a few beer at the dorms or in your apartment.

Going out all the time is a huge waste of money and you don’t want to be stuck shelling out for a night that you may or may not remember when you wake up. If you go out just one night less per month you’ll save hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. Maybe even enough for a vacation to Mexico next Christmas.

3. Resolve to Invest Like a Boss

Not investing now is like committing to being a poor student forever. Investing is incredibly important and something that you need to do to ensure that your savings aren’t being eaten up by the evil inflation monster.

Just invest! If you don’t know anything about investing, find a club on campus to join that will help you learn. Find an investing mentor who can be a sounding board for the process. Or pick up a few books that will teach you about the subject.

Investing is a huge part of a sound financial future and plan, so you must start now. There is no better time than in 2015.


You can completely own 2015, but you have to make and keep some awesome New Year’s resolutions. Your money depends on it and being a student is no excuse for being a poor student. You should only be a POOR student because you are paying for college upfront and investing all of your extra money – not because you are wallowing in debt and self pity.