Meal Plan

Because I at least try to eat healthily I often find very few options on campus where I can use my meal plan money, money I need to use or else it gets wasted and that I can’t get back anyway.

Last semester, because of my mind set of trying to spend as little money as possible, I ended up with lots of money left over, meaning I now have to spend that money this semester.

Part of my eating healthy is eating a good breakfast in the morning. I like to have two eggs on toast with a little cheese, ketchup and hot sauce if I have it. But this means that I need to buy that food with my own money. This is often problematic because a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread does not last very long. Breakfast becomes an expensive recurring cost.

To my pleasant surprise though I have found that the little convenience store on campus, which accepts meal plan, stocks bread saving that cost at least.

As well, since I have so much money left to spend, I no longer buy my milk at Zellers like I used to, I now just buy single serving milk cartons at the Dining Hall, saving even more of that cost.

Next year I am going to be living in a fairly expensive apartment ($570 + utilities), so saving money on food is going to be even more important. I am hoping that I can mooch as much food as I can when I go home, but I will still end up spending money on food. Spending money on food is not in the least bit fun. Luckily, at least for the next three months, I have found a way to minimize the cost.


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