Money From Kijiji

Kijiji is a free online classifieds site. It is much the same and very well may be interchangeable with Craigslist. People place ads on these sites for just about anything: jobs, unwanted items, wanted items, houses. It is free to advertise products you want to sell and products that you want to buy.

Many people have lots of things cluttering up their homes that they no longer use, need, or want. Some of this will end up in the garbage, some will end up staying exactly where it is remaining a useless eyesore, and some will seem to disappear on its own.

Yard Sales turned Online

I remember the days when my family would decide that the best thing for all this stuff would be a yard sale. We would haul tables and chairs onto our driveway, carry out everything we wanted gone, and kill a Saturday hopefully making a few bucks. My mom still is a self proclaimed yard sale addict. She is getting better, even though she loves stopping in and looking she is starting to be able to tell a junk sale when she sees one. Even stopping while she drives past is an improvement because my mom used to get up early on the weekends and be out hitting the yard sale circuit before I even woke up.

It is true that there are lots of bargains to be found, and if you are looking for something it does not hurt to hit a yard sale. But running one can be a lot of hassle, especially when there is no guarantee anyone will stop let alone buy anything.

Shop From Home

Kijiji is the modern solution to this. All you have to do to sell your clutter is take a picture of it and write a short description of it. 99% of the trouble is removed, leaving only benefits. I just sold a couple of old Playstation 2 memory cards for $5 each yesterday. I put an ad up for all my old PS2 stuff, which still has not generated any interest and continues to be free to have on the site,  but then saw a post of somebody looking for the memory cards. After a couple of calls back and forth I was able to meet the guy. It took me five minutes to walk to the 7/11, and 30 seconds to give him the cards and receive the money. Easy money.

I know that I have lots of stuff that I may have liked when I was a kid but no longer interest me, and I hope to be able to sell more stuff using Kijiji. A friend is using Craigslist to find sub-letters for the summer on our apartment. If I am looking for dumbbells or anything I can find them a lot cheaper from somebody who wants to get rid of them than from a store which charges crazy money for a heavy hunk of metal.

Kijiji can be used to make and save money, so it should be priceless for any student.




Money From Kijiji — 4 Comments

  1. Kijiji is great and everything, but you have to spend money on stuff that you don’t necessarily need in order to have anything to sell on Kijiji, which is silly, haha. I have sold some stuff on kijiji but it’s always stuff I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

    • That’s true. But Kijiji is the next best thing to a time machine in this case. And I got a lot of enjoyment out of my Playstation 2 when I was younger, and it might have even been a gift. Even if you should not have bought it (hindsight is 20/20) you can redeem a little bit of what you lost.

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