Blogging Costs

When the idea to start a blog occurred to me, I did not realize that it would have a price associated with it. So I made an account on blogger in about five minutes and started writing.

I had next to no expectations for anybody to read what I wrote, but I have liked writing since I was very little so I found ready venue for my muses.

I wrote a bit, then decided I would ask other bloggers what they thought I should do. I asked those over at Yakezie if I should buy a domain name. I did not really like having the blogspot in the URL. They almost unanimously told me that if I wanted to be a serious blogger (and as strange as that may seem I do) that I needed my own site.

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Based on that advice I went to Name.comĀ and found out that I could have the URL which worked great because the name of my blog already was Poor Student and I happen to be Canadian. Most everybody said that the cost of having the domain name was very little and would be worth it in the long run. The .ca at the end of my site cost $12.99 a year. Not bad, but more than I would have liked.

At the checkout I made the perhaps impulse decision to buy the name for five years. I had read that blogging is a marathon not a sprint and that many people give up before they accomplish success. So I thought the five years would give me a little kick in the butt when I need it and enough time to find out if this thing is for me long term. So simply having the URL of this site cost me $73.39.


Then I needed a host. I am not the greatest with these internet box things, so I am still not exactly sure what a web host is. All I know is that when I signed up with Host Gator and then went to it no longer was one big ad. There were still quite a few things to do before I had a site up and was able to make posts, and because of my technological ignorance I really struggled doing that, but it didn’t take too too long. But the privilege of a web host for three years cost me $146.67.


So the site you are at right now cost $220. This is something that nobody told me when I started out, but what people did tell me was that the costs are worth it. And, truth be told, it is really cool saying or thinking that I have my own website. That fact alone may have been worth the price of admission.

Earning Money

It is a goal of mine for this site to earn me some money for me. My ultimate goal is to chronicle my financial journey through university and help guide others students through the money trap that is post-secondary education.

Poor Student right now is in the hole $220, but I am looking forward to earning that back and more. I approach this website as both a job and an investment. and the best part is that because I love blogging, this job is fun and one I enjoy doing and this investment is one of which I am involved with the success.


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  1. It certainly is possible to make that money back and more. You have already pre-paid for three years, so it shouldn’t cost anything else during that time. Good luck with getting started on your blog.

    • Thanks Cash Flow Mantra, it means a lot. I have been reading through your archives at both Mantra and My Online Income and I too am excited for my future “best Adsense days” and so on. The goal is to ultimately pull a healthy profit, so yes the three year timeline gives me lots of time to do that. Thanks again

  2. Wow, now that I’m tracking your blogs since the beginning you have finally got your own website. I don’t know if I’m going to play to have my own website because it depends if I keep going if no one beside one person so fall had looked at my blog. Also I recently posted a blog about saving ( and trust me if you cost cut your expenses, you will get out of debt quicker.

    A Student Investor

    • If you are serious about blogging, you should get your own site. Despite the cost, I really like having my own site. It is kind of cool to think that I own a web site. If you keep writing eventually people will start to read it, don’t worry about that.

  3. Having your own website is the right way to go. It is something that you can be proud of and maintain complete control over. Focus on writing for your readers first, giving them information that they can use, and eventually the money will follow. Good luck.

  4. Yes, website can be costly. However, it is also very rewarding. If you like to have more traffic onto your blog, please let me know. We can add each other website to help bloggers to get to know each other as well as helping students how to invest in ETF for cost effective investment.

    ETF Incomes

    • Looking back the costs aren’t too bad. I would really like my traffic and would also be willing to help you. Your topic is one that interests me greatly and I feel students should know more about ETF’s.

      • I have been a member of Superpoints for a while now. I haven’t gotten a pay out yet but I have quite a bit in my account now. If you read my article How I Make Money Online you will see that and all the other tiny streams of money I make online.

        • At least you are a member, I have 3 payouts already from superpoints. I am on my way to another $10 paypal. BTW, did you have a change to add blog into your BLOGROLL? Thanks.

          • 3 payouts and another on the way is great. I am trying to move up to platinum member to get more clicks, I am gold right now. And I added you to the blogroll now. Sorry it took a while, honestly just slipped my mind for a bit.

    • I have to admit that I did not shop around for the cheapest host or domain names. I heard that Go Daddy and Host Gator were the way to go (probably an affiliate ad) and went for it. I wanted to get the site right away so I just jumped in. But I have been really happy with Host Gator’s customer service so I can’t complain.

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  7. I just came across your site, it’s so nice to see a student’s perspective. I graduated college a couple years ago, and my husband has actually just returned for a second time. So it’s nice to read what you have to say about finances, since I can relate to a lot of things you’ve posted about.

    Just a suggestion to save a bit of money on domain names and hosting, google “promo codes” for GoDaddy and you will find tons out there will allow you to purchase domain names at a discount, and purchase hosting (GoDaddy has that as well, I use them for my hosting and domain name).

    Also, if you’re wanting to generate some money from your site, you might want to consider setting up Google AdSense. It’s free to sign up for it, and it gives you the code to paste on your website and you start generating money for every time the ad is displayed and/or clicked. I definitely recommend checking it out. I have a few blogger friends, and they generate a nice bit of extra money each month.

    • Thanks for reading. I wish I had thought abut looking for promos when I was buying the domain and hosting. I realize now how many promotions and sales you can find just by searching for them. I have gotten free shipping on some online orders by searching for “coupon codes for (site name here)”. I do want to make some money from this blog if I could, so I set up AdSense early. But I am apprehensive to put too many ads on here, it may begin to look tacky or like I am trying too hard and am only blogging to make money. But if you didn’t even notice I had AdSense at first I think I can afford to be a little more aggressive.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting.

    • I would use the free blog. Just set up an account with Google Blogger. Buying the domain and hosting is kind of cool but it is pretty pricy (I have seen since then that I paid too much). After blogging for a while it came to my attention that it can be used to make money and I was told it was easier to make money with your own site. If blogging is just a hobby I suggest Blogger. It is very easy to use, free, and there s a small potential to make money with AdSense. If you are in it with dollar signs in your eyes, pay the couple bucks and get your own domain and hosting. If you click on the links in this post I get a small affiliate percentage, so use the links if you like.

  8. I came across your site and love it! I commend you for taking interest in your finances as a student in University. For most students, that is the last thing on their mind!
    I myself am looking at starting a blog soon and would love to get some feedback from you on how you started and some tips.
    I would really appreciate the help!
    If you could email me when you get a moment, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great day!

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