Make Money Being A Mystery Shopper

My mom emails me a couple of times a day usually. Most of the time it is not that important, what she did that day, asking how I am doing, when I am coming home to visit, etc. But the other day my mom forwarded me a message. These are the worst, they aren’t jokes or anything, that would be bad enough. No, if she forwards me an email it is, 9 times out 10 because somebody emailed her asking about me and she wants me to either email them to answer or it is a ploy to guilt me into telling her the answer.

As luck would have this time was that 1 time where it is not that. It was an email she got about a secret shopper opportunity. But the problem was she was not in the demographic for he assignment. Guess who has two thumbs and was though? This guy. So I was able to quickly sign up with the company and headed out to do the assignment two days later.

I do not think I am allowed to disclose what store it was at, but it was a store that I visit somewhat regularly anyway. The assignment paid $20, but that include what I bought. I got to do the assignment at four locations, so I got paid $80 minus expenses.

All told the expenses were $25.90, so for the opportunity (because I like the products I bought I do not consider this a hassle) I made $54.10. Not bad for a little fun.

The reports I had to write up were not hard either. I had to scan my receipt to prove I did the job and fill out a quick survey online. I was able to do four of these reports in maybe 20 minutes combined. Add that to the three hours I spent going to the stores, buying and then traveling home, I made about more than $16/hour. There are higher paying jobs out there but not many ways to make that kind of money as a student in your free time.

The reason I got this chance was because as a student I was among the very exclusive demographic that the company was looking for to perform these mystery shops. I was fortunate in that my mom already did shops for the company and was able to notify me about it. But that is why I am writing this. As a student or young adult, there are many tasks that companies need you to do, if only you know about them. There is money available only to you if you can find it. This article is to tell you that there are unconventional sources of income out there.

Everybody in my residence who I told that I was a mystery shopper did not know what it was and I had to explain that I report on the customer service provided by retailers. Now though your eyes will have been opened to this way to make money. If you have the chance to work as a mystery shopper make sure you take it, it is easy money with the added perk of being paid for what you buy.

There are many companies out there that hire mystery shoppers. I did these jobs with In-Touch Insight Systems. But that was because they offered jobs in my area. If this is something you are interested in, and it should be, you may need to do a little research about who offers the most tasks in your area.


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