Ontario 30% Tuition Rebate

Big deal here. I am not sure how you as a post secondary student in Ontario could go without knowing this yet, but the government wants to give you money, lots of it.

Students in university or college will now be eligible to get an $800 rebate off their tuition, every semester. How does $1,600 sound? If you are getting OSAP your application has already automatically been submitted. If however like me you did not apply for OSAP, you need to do a couple things to get considered for the rebate.

Now what you need to do is not arduous or anything, especially in light of the money received as compensation for the little effort required. Go to this site for more info.

The application took me maybe ten minutes, so if it were my job I would be making $2,400 an hour. Sweet gig if you can get it.But simply applying does not mean you are guaranteed to get the money. You need to be in a program that you can apply to right from high school at a public post secondary institute in Ontario and it needs to be less than four years since you left high school. As well as these stipulations your parents must be making less than $160, 000 combined.

But I think if you meet these criteria you will be accepted. I am not sure, I have not been notified about my application’s status but it makes sense.

So if I am the first one telling you this, be sure to rush and get your application done and sent, the deadline to get paid for the current semester is March 31. The one little annoying thing is that the forms need to be printed out, signed and then either mailed to Thunder Bay or faxed. But finding a fax or a stamp is well worth it.

It is not often the government just up and gives you money, so take advantage when you can.

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