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One of the blogs I read regularly is Passive Income To Retire, which shares a common goal with me. Over there he began a challenge to create a resource for new bloggers to get helpful advice on how to get passive income, etc. This post is my contribution to the challenge.

I began blogging with Google Blogger in the last week of January. After about a week I realized that if I was serious about it, and I like to think I am, I needed to get a domain name for myself. With the encouragement of many more experienced bloggers, I took the plunge and started Poor Student. This cost was more than I assumed it would but I am told in the long run it will pay off.

When I look around at the students I see everyday I see a couple of things in common, most complain about not having enough money and most spend more than they should. Despite every student wishing they had more money, I see so many people listening to their music with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I got a pair of them as a gift and love them, but I would never myself pay the huge price tag with which they come. Students as a group do not seem to see that the way they use their money is holding them back. I started writing my blog so maybe I could help somebody use their money better.

There isn’t much that separates me from other students. Like them I do not have much money and want more of it. It is what I do with the little money I have and the decisions I make about money that differentiates us. I thought that even though my voice is not influential now, I could influence others because I do things differently. I am not an exceptional case which might make my point of view resonate with students who are always told by bankers to save and avoid debt but never from people in similar situations.

I also had vague dreams of making money with my blog in order to relieve some of the burden of having to pay for school. At this point those dreams look like they are of the pipe variety. In the month of writing this site I have made $6.55 with Adsense. That doesn’t sound so bad, but I paid 50 times that for the privilege of having this site. And in order to actually get my hands on that money I have to make $100. And the people haven’t been tripping over themselves to read my blog either. Everyone will tell you money and readers take a lot of time, but I am a fan of immediate results so the lack of fanfare or rewards have been a bit discouraging.

I have a couple of things I want to tell anyone thinking of starting a blog or just starting. First, before you start your blog read all the articles you can about starting a blog. I read lots but I did it after I started my blog. Lots of advice was on picking a host, which I already did and could have used the advice before I did it.

Second, and everyone will tell you this, but really, really don’t expect many people to read you blog right away or make much money. I thought I could be an exception, but this doesn’t seem like one of those rules.

Third, when I started my blog I tried adding it to all the free blog directories I could. I spent a lot of time doing this and heard it would be beneficial. The articles telling me to do so were dated from, like 2006 or something, but I thought the advice would stand true today. Lots of the directory links I clicked on no longer existed, which kind of tipped me in to the fact that it is a dead medium. Do not spend time submitting your blog to directories.

New bloggers out there, you will gain a lot from blogging if you are in it to enjoy it and are committed. I wish I had seen articles such as this before I began and I might be a couple of steps further than I am, but I have no regrets regarding my blog.




Beginner Blogger Challenge — 19 Comments

  1. Good post. I think we are carving out a nice following and certainly can support each other! I’ll be sure to mention you in my monthly blog update (which I’ll likely post on Saturday). Geep up the good work!

    • If we continue to help each other we will make a good run at it. I saw you are getting some good traffic from Technorati. I think you are ahead of me right now, so you keep it up too.

  2. I only wish this blogging thing was available when I was in college. Unfortunately, Al Gore had JUST invented the internet when I entered college in 1994. My first year, we still actually wrote hand-written letters to family and friends. By my 2nd year, e-mail burst onto the scene. If I could have been blogging about my experiences at the time… or had blogs to read from others… what an invaluable resource!

    I love that you’re doing this. Keep it up, your writing looks quite interesting.

  3. Good blog man. I hear ya. The only traffic I ever get is off of these weird Russian websites that I am pretty sure are trying to rip people off. But it’s all good! You’re a good writer too so you deserve all the traffic you can get.

    • Thanks for the compliments. I used to get those weird referrals on my old blog but not so much on Poor Student.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Corey continues to be the model of early success, nobody can quite figure out how he did it.

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  6. It’s tough to get advertisers! I just recently started a blog as well, but moved over to blogger because I found it much easier. Hopefully you will be encouraged and continue to blog. People in our situation have to support each other :) Best of luck!

    • I do not have any advertisers and have no delusions that I will anytime soon. I started at blogger and I really liked it but I thought that if I were going to make any money (a part of the reason I started) that blogger wouldn’t cut it. But the start up cost definitely hurt. I spent the money and I do not have money to waste so I need to keep going with this.

      Any poor student has my support. Thanks for the luck.

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