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I have worked every summer since I was 16. For those four summers I would work for a construction company, making great money. I was lucky enough to have a dad who has the clout to get his son a job every summer. And while the job pays great, I have to spend all week o the road and am only home for weekends. During the week I work long hours and have just enough energy after a day of work to eat something and go to bed to get ready to do it again.

This summer I was excited to be able to work those long hours at that high rate because I have finally come to realize how expensive university is. But every year I send my resume to a few places around home just in case I could get a comparable job without the travel. I would love to be able to relax a little bit at home during what is after all, my summer vacation. Until now I never found a job I thought stood up well under comparison so I always headed to work with my dad.

This summer though I have applied for a job working for my township. The job seemed like a lot of fun and the guy who would be my boss was awesome and I really want to work for him. But it is tough to know that I would be giving up so much money just for a little more enjoyable work environment. It is still not decided if I got the job or not yet, so this could be all for not.

But I think if I did get the job for the township I would take it and then try to find another part time job. In construction I worked about 47 hours a week, but the township job would only be around 40. So getting a part time job in one of the grocery stores or something would give me another ten hours or so. This would be a few more hours a week but at a much lower pay. I would need to work the extra hours just to come close to the same amount of earnings.

My expenses would actually be higher at home to because I would actually be able to see friends throughout the summer. I would likely go golfing more than I should, eat out on wing nights. but I try to leave the expenses out of the equation because I can control that more than other things.

Being home every night would also allow me to unwind after work, do things I enjoy. I could write on this blog a lot more than I otherwise would, and keep up with some of my alternative ways of making money like Swagbucks or Superpoints. these would add ever so slightly in favour of working close to home.

I am pretty torn about what to do this summer. I need money but the lower paying job seems so much better. I will probably be weighing the pros and cons up until I have to decide. If anybody has any ideas or past experience I would like to hear it.


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  1. My thought is work at the job that requires less hours and use the extra time to volunteer at the place that is your dream job. Seriously, email the head of that organization/company and let them know that you are interested in volunteering for them this summer to learn about that industry. Be sure to mention that you will follow up with a phone call in 1 week. When you speak to them you can mention that you are working at another summer job but really wanted to learn about (insert your dream industry).

    • That is a really good idea. I never really thought about that but I could definitely see. There is a physiotherapy clinic in town so travel would not be a problem. Thanks a lot for the tip.

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