Make Money As A Test Subject

I am a kinesiology major, which is a fancy word for gym major. Anyway, because I am a science student, I spend a lot of time in the science building. This may not strike you as a good place to make money as a student, but there are opportunities if you look at them.

As part of my first year psychology courses I get an easy five percent of my mark for what is called PREP (psychology research experiment participation). Basically I participate in  research studies conducted by graduate students, and as long as I do the certain required amount I get that five percent.

It was this program that enlightened me to all the studies that go on at my university. But even if I were not in a psychology course I could be alerted to even more attractive studies by the fliers posted on every pillar and wall in the science and academic buildings. There are lots of fliers for people looking for roommates, for students to sublet their rooms during the summer, for events during the evenings. But there are lots of fliers that if you look closely they will say that they are offering money for you to come do their study.

I have done two of these studies now, and it is even easier money than it is marks. One of the studies paid me eleven dollars and probably took me 40 minutes. That is $16.50/hour. Find me a part time job where you can set your hours that pays that well (seriously, find me one). This study consisted of sitting in front of a computer screen and filling out a survey, something I already do to make money.

The second study paid $20 and took me an hour. $20/hour. Not bad money if you can get it. I had to fill out more surveys, then watch short videos and answer surveys based on the videos.

There are lots of studies getting offered at my university, and I can only imagine that the same is true of all post-secondary schools. These are pretty quick and are easy to do. not every experiment will pay money and you won’t qualify for every study you contact, but you can usually tell them the time that you are free, so you can do it  when you are available and make decent coin doing it.

So if you have never thought to make money as a test subject for experiments at your school, check it out.


Make Money As A Test Subject — 10 Comments

  1. ha when I took intro psych we HAD to participate in these studies for course credit. occasionally I see them with some monetary offerings, but I don’t really wander the halls where they’re posted any more so I’m not sure what’s available. Good suggestion though, it’s one not many people think of!

    • If you ever see a study that pays two grand sign me up! That is awesome. I have spoken to a lot of grad students and they always say how hard it is to find research participants, but no student will ever turn down $20.

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