Great Canadian Rebates: Rewards For Spending

As you know, I am a big proponent of students getting a credit card. One of the best things about having the credit card is that it gives me the ability to shop online. For a variety of reasons, you can often find better deals on the internet, and a credit card allows you to utilize these savings avenues.

Spending money online has the same end goal as spending offline, getting what you wan for as little money as possible. You don’t want to part with your money, but when you do you need to get the most bang for your buck. And because of that there are lots of rewards credit cards and the like trying to give you an incentive to spend more money. These are tools just like any other, if used properly they can really help you but they can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

There is another tool that you can add to your arsenal if you want to save money, Great Canadian Rebates. This is a very easy site to use and can save you lots. All you do is sign into the site, then click on the link of the online retailer you were going to shop at anyway. But by clicking on the link through Great Canadian Rebates you will get a percentage of your purchase rebated back to you. It is as simple as that.

Companies are competing for your dollars, and because of that they are willing to pay for it. So they give Great Canadian Rebates money for referring you to their website if you spend money. And Great Canadian Rebates passes a lot of that money on to you.

The site has links to thousands of retailers. If you are looking for one in particular you are likely to find them on there. And if not you could find a different site that offers the product you want. As long as you are in the market to buy something, you might as well check online for it. And as long as you are going to buy something, you might as well get rewards for spending your money. Great Canadian Rebates allows you to be rewarded. If you are buying something from a website they should be thankful, in this case you can receive your thanks as money back.

I actually layer my savings and rewards by using Great Canadian Rebates, receiving their rebates, and then paying with my cash back credit card to receive cash back from Visa as well. I like buying things online to save money on driving to the store, and it is easier to shop around on different sites. Plus with Great Canadian Rebates I can get rewarded a bit for money I was going to spend anyway.




Great Canadian Rebates: Rewards For Spending — 4 Comments

    • I use Amazon for almost everything too because I earn Amazon gift cards which means I can usually make my entire purchase free if I wait long enough. But in Canada there are lots of things that doesn’t sell, and this site is great for those. And as long as I am shopping around it doesn’t hurt to look elsewhere.

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