Save Money With Coupons

You ever walk into a store and see the aisles littered with money? I never did until recently but now I see dollars everywhere, just not in the form you would expect.

Let us say you head to the store to pick up deodorant before the weekend, when it becomes twice as important to smell good. You head down the deodorant and fragrance aisle and view the selection. More often than not there will be a display offering coupons for money off one of the brands. This is the money you have previously been passing up.

You need deodorant (you do). Your intention at the store was to buy it, spending money in the process. If somebody told you that you could pay half price by picking up a piece of paper you would pick it up every time. But a coupon display will always have lots there because so many people go to the store with blinders on towards coupons the way I at one time did.

These can save you lots even if you just pick them up at the store and use them while you are there. You do not have to qualify to be on a reality show about coupon users, or have your own binder full of coupons organized that you bring to every store just in case. The very minimal time investment can save you fifty percent on one item, a dollar off of another item and all of a sudden you have a bit of extra money to buy a snack if you want, or better yet, just keep the money.

Coupons are often denounced or looked down upon, I know I have done it. I was always pretty peeved when I was behind someone in line who was using a dozen coupons for their routine grocery store trip. I still am a little embarrassed when I use more than one or two. I make a little joke with the cashier because I imagine it is a hassle for them. But in the long run you have to look out for number one, and coupons help you do that. If you want to save money you can’t turn your nose on coupons. They are there for your benefit. Use them.


Save Money With Coupons — 2 Comments

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  2. I feel I don’t make much of an effort to coupon. There aren’t any coupon flyers with the flyers I receive. Or there are not enough that I find useful for me. I have subscribed to coupons websites such as and but I find some of the coupons don’t apply to me (ie baby formula). I don’t have enough coupons to organize them and unfortunately I’ll forget about them and they will become expired. I definitely don’t denounce them though, they are a great way to save money when they are actually used.

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