Collect The Empties

Go to university or college and you will be surprised by how much money the students there throw out every weekend. I do not mean on movies, or clubs, or video games (although these are all big money traps for students).

No, when the weekend rolls around, or a Thursday, or a night where the classes the next day start later than noon, or a day that ends in y, you will find students throwing dimes in the garbage. Or at street signs or in bushes. I of course am talking about the empty beer bottles and cans that students nonchalantly get rid of while harbouring worries about how much money they have. It is the knowledgeable student who will collect the empties their friends throw away.

People may find it inconvenient to keep all their empties until they next go to The Beer Store, I really can’t justify throwing away money of any sort. But if you have the empties you are probably going to be going for moreĀ  beer soon anyways. Might as well get some money for your partying. It partially subsidizes your fun.

If you have five friends who drink ten drinks in a night, that is five dollars in empties right there. Even if you can only get half of those, that is $2.50, which is almost ten percent of your next purchase. Like I have said, you don’t pass on savings. And that is just a small get together, the rewards increase greatly the more people at the occasion.

To collect the empties, you have a few options. The best of course is to have the festivities in your room or apartment. This will lead to a lot of cleaning the next day though, so you have to weigh the monetary gains against the labour and time losses. The next option is to celebrate in a room very close to yours, preferably on your dorm floor or in a neighbouring house or apartment. The problem here is your night may lose a bit of its luster if you are constantly gathering bottles and cans and skirting off to your place. One thing you could do is offer to help clean up. This comes across as a nice gesture. Just make sure your friend doesn’t want to collect the empties themselves. Otherwise you will have to get them near the end of the night after everyone has left or gone to sleep. this can leave one unsatisfied too. If the gathering is a bit away, take your beverages in a cooler or backpack and then fill it after you are done. If you leave to go somewhere after the initial shindig then just leave the bag or cooler there and get it when you can.

Remember that making the three dollars or something is not worth jeopardizing your pleasure. Ensure you are having fun when you go out or stay in and then work at getting the bottles and cans. This will not make you a lot of money, but it is possible to make at least two dollars every time you indulge in a few cold ones. Depending on your social circle this could lead to a substantial chunk of change. Also study when you get a chance.

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