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I am a member of the Yakezie Network, or at least a challenger. I show this with a square on the right of the home page of this website. It is a community of bloggers who help each other with all things. I joined because I thought it would boost the popularity of my blog, but that did not happen as automatically as I thought it would. Luckily in the place of traffic I found so many people willing to help me whenever I had a question, or support me whenever the occasion called for it.

Every once in a while Yakezie holds a writing contest. I know this because the current contest running is in order to help students pay for their education. What has two thumbs and needs money for education? This guy! So I wrote what I consider a very meaningful piece and I am quite proud of it. But for it to get its due and serve its purpose, I need people to vote for it in this contest.

In order to vote for me (I’m begging here), you can go to the following link:


And read my story. It is optional that you enjoy it but I hope you do. then you must register for Yakezie as only registered members are able to vote. The registration is very short and simple. Then all you need to do is comment on my story. A comment is one vote. It also has a graded system where a comment in which you say you give my article a 3 or a 2 is better than a simple comment, which is worth 1. A 3 is worth the most so that is what would be ideal for me.

In return for your vote, I can offer the satisfaction that you are helping a student obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree. Other benefits may or may not include and are not limited to; becoming taller, a sudden boost of confidence, finding money in the pockets of your jeans, sunnier weather, fewer commercials when you watch television and better sleep. However there is the possible side effect of being so happy that grumpy people may resent you for a second or two. This shall pass once you tell them you are happy because you voted for my article and they are able to do the same.

Here is the article in case for some reason you have continued reading this instead of voting for me.


Thank you to everyone!



Yakezie Writing Contest — 2 Comments

  1. I will definitely vote for you. Good luck my friend. Keep up the good work. I feel proud when a young fellow like yourself matures so quickly.

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