June Dividends

It is that time of the month. That came out wrong perhaps. I mean that I have now collected all my dividends for the month of June. And it was my best month yet.

At the start of the year (actually late January) I wrote my goals for the upcoming year. In them I stated that I wanted to make $200 from dividends this year. An unreachable goal with my very limited income and all my scholarly expenses. I am very competitive but I am okay with not meeting this goal. In spite of what that statement may imply, I am in the process of working adding stocks and ETFs that pay dividends. right now I have one mutual fund, two ETFs and two stocks. That is much more than with which I started the year.

This month was a lucky month in that two of my three quarterly payers paid their dividends this month. With the help of that fact my June dividends were $27.93. That is an awesome feeling. That alone is more than two hours of work at my current job.

June marks the halfway point of the year and so far I have $70.41. That puts me at a pace of $140.82 annually. Now that I calculate that I can see my goal is not entirely unreasonable. It will be tough but I think with another purchase of investments or two I could make it.

At Suburban Finance they make $900/month with a few good ideas for passive income.

Hopefully reading this will inspire you a bit. Six months ago I only made $7.57. Now I have $20 more than that, with only more to come. That fact I find pretty persuasive. This early start should really start to reveal itself in ten years or so when my numbers are closer or maybe even greater than the current totals of Passive Income Earner. And these updates let me track that.


June Dividends — 16 Comments

  1. $27 is great! Seriously, you are still a student and off to a great start. Seeing that $27 should inspire you to grow your dividend income even higher.

    I contributed to mutual funds while in university (surprisingly few students even think of doing so). By the time I graduated I was making about $15 a month in dividends.

    Once you graduate I have no doubt you will hit $100 a month after your first year. Keep at it poor student

    • First I want that $27 to be monthly instead of just my biggest month of the quarter. But yes I am very excited to see my numbers keep growing.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hearing you say that makes me really want to have $100 per month before I graduate though. This also seems like a ridiculous pipe dream, but it can’t hurt to set that goal.

  2. You can quite easily achieve better dividends by investing at high risk companies.
    This is where it gets tricky – it is relatively easy to risk with the small sum of money, but hard to do it when we are talking about thousands of dollars.

    You are doing great. Most of your peers what spend money on a flash car or party. It is what I did anyway.. ;-)

    • I know I can get more dividends from higher risk companies. I have followed a company that yields 20%. But the stocks and funds I buy now I plan to hold for life so risking a lot for a few more dollars in dividends now is not worth what it could cost me. I buy stocks and funds that pay dividends and the companies should have a history of increasing payments.

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    • That sounds great and I am glad you are close to your goal. Me, I would rather not pay the MER. It does look like a great fund yielding a lot right now.

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