I have been included in several blog carnivals because I signed up for a free trial of Corey’s carnival submission service over at 20’s Finances. I appreciate the help Corey.

Canadian PF Happy Hour at Canadian Personal Finance
Carnival of Fin. Camaraderie at The University of Money
Carnival of MoneyPros at Portfolio Princess
Carnival of Retirement at Good Financial Cents
Totally Money Carnival at Money Reasons
Y & T’s Weekend Ramblings at Young and Thrifty
Yakezie Carnival at Tackling Our Debt


Carnivals — 2 Comments

    • I honestly do not know how to do any of this, the only reason I was able to do any of this was because of Corey. In the future if I learn more about it then we can see about starting a student blog carnival. Or if you want to take the ball with it. I for one do not have the time or know how.

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