July Dividends

This is late in the month to be doing this. Honestly I have had no time to devote to writing. I guess that is why smarter bloggers have a bunch of articles in their queue. speaking of queue, it is the longest word, and only one I can think of, that is pronounced the same after you remove the last four letters.

I also was confused about how to classify the payment of one of my stocks; that has been cleared up now. Last month I was lucky to have my largest dividend month yet. While this month has not approached that bonanza it has been one of my better months. July brought me $12.03. Not too shabby. Last month I could have missed about one hour of work.

$12.03 in July gives me $82.44 for the year, and that means my pace has increased to $141.33. My goal of $200 is still out of reach but I am getting closer. Both September and December are big months for me where my quarterly payers both pay out and I have increased my position in one stock which should increase my payments each month. this was a much better month than my first couple months but looking ahead it should actually turn out to be a stepping stone on my way to higher monthly payments from here on out.


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