Should Students Have a Car?

As a student, I have always had a car. A car has been helpful for me because I live too far away from my school to go back and forth to my classes, and since my classes aren’t all lumped together I have big gaps of free time in between.

It’s surprising how many students have a car, but it’s very expensive to upkeep. I have been considering getting rid of my car and here’s how I think it will be helpful:

Parking Isn’t Cheap

When I have to park at my school, it’s really not cheap. I have to pay over $100 per semester, so that’s more than $300 per year if I take summer school too, no matter how many courses I am taking.

Plus, in the school parking lots cars aren’t exactly safe. They can be vandalized, towed if you don’t have a pass showing, or anything of that nature.

car parked


Upkeep, Gas, and Insurance Aren’t Cheap

Because I am a student, and therefore fairly young, I have a really high insurance rate. Gas isn’t cheap and neither is upkeep – having to get my tires changed over, oil changed, and when something happens to my car like if it breaks down, that can really break the bank. There are ways to save money with a car, but it can still be expensive.

I spend more on gas because I drive a lot more because I have a car. At least with bus passes you only have to buy one per month and don’t have to worry about how often you take the bus as far as cost goes.

There are Incentives to Take Public Transit

Most schools offer discounted transit passes like subway and bus passes. My school offers 20% off, and already public transportation would save me a lot.

Sure, you have to carry heavy books to and from class on a subway, but it’s not that big of a deal. Many students take public transit so the stops are usually really close to the college and it’s not that far of a walk from the stop to class.

Time Wasted

I could study or do homework, or write blog posts at the library in my spares, but I don’t, because I have a car. I drive home, nap, sometimes work online.

I wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere and back in time on public transit in my spares to get to my classes, so if I had to rely on public transit I would have a lot more time to do the things that I’m procrastinating on doing when I go home.


With all of this, I don’t think most students should have cars, but there are always exceptions to the rule.