Ways to Make Money On Campus

I get a bit of search engine referral traffic asking how students can make money online. This is presumably because making money online is nice because you can set your own hours, which is ideal for a student.

Another ideal situation for a student when it comes to making extra money is to work on campus.

That way you don’t have to leave and can fill your spares with making money instead of messing around at the cafeteria.


Here are some interesting ways to make money on campus:


There’s usually a bookstore that hires students on campus, and it’s usually pretty flexible to work at one because the managers understand that students are the ones that apply there.

It doesn’t always pay the best, but if you think about it, you won’t have the cost of commuting outside of your normal commute to school, plus you may be able to score some discounts on books and other school supplies which is a bonus.


Even if you aren’t good at math or economics, you definitely have a course that you are really good in, and there is undoubtedly some students that go to school with you that aren’t good at the course.

There are sometimes programs through school that will hire you to tutor, but more frequently you will have the ability to tutor just by posting your services on the bulletin boards and chatting with people.

You may even be able to score tutoring jobs by letting your professor in that course know that you offer the service, so if he or she has any struggling students they can refer them to you.

Proof Reading

Offering proof reading is a good way to make extra money while you are on campus. Lots of people have a hard time with spelling and punctuation, or even with proof reading their own work. It can be difficult to catch your own mistakes.

Proof reading a big report can be done in a short period of time and it doesn’t all have to be done in one afternoon usually so this is a good opportunity for people who have bits of time here and there but not hours in a row to work.

There is also ample unpaid work at most college campuses such as being on the student council. This is good to build up work experience and it looks good on your resume, but since you’re a poor student, you probably want to be paid.


These are all really good options for making money as a student.

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