Why You Should Graduate ASAP

There are a lot of students that really drag out their graduation, for many reasons. For instance, they may want to take it slow and enjoy the student life style, living it up and playing beer pong and they don’t want to take so many classes that they have to take things more seriously.

Some people also don’t graduate very quickly because they are working toward education that is much lengthier and there are a lot of factors that their graduation date hinges on, like the couple at Evolving Personal Finance, who are doing really well as students so they don’t have to worry as much.




As fun as the student lifestyle is (which by the way isn’t very fun because who likes to live like a pauper on a student budget?), you should try to graduate as soon as possible for various reasons. Here’s why:

Start Making Money

You should graduate ASAP because you need to start making money early in life. The less time you have to live on campus, the better, because you save money on student housing by not living on campus which is a bonus.

Plus, if you do rely on student loans to get you through college, you want to start paying them back as early as possible in life so that you aren’t in debt when you reach your thirties or forties (provided that you don’t go and do something stupid like take out more debt).

Get Ahead of Your Peers

There are going to be a ton of graduates in every class looking for jobs just like you, but if you graduate early you can get ahead of your peers and that’s one set of people you don’t have to compete with for jobs. Graduating as soon as possible is important so you can get the cream of the crop when it comes to jobs. 

Start Investing

If you graduate as soon as possible, you can generally start investing earlier,  because you’ll be able to make money earlier than your peers.

The more time you have to invest, the more money you can make in your investing accounts in interest and dividends. Students can invest too, I do it, but it’s easier to invest when you make more money and I don’t have student loans so I’m able to invest more comfortably.

Starting your real life will be able to happen as soon as you graduate, so try to graduate as soon as possible. That way you can start your career and start accumulating real wealth instead of pennies.


Why You Should Graduate ASAP — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for linking to my post! My husband and I have definitely taken a relaxed approach to the pace of our PhDs and now we’re trying to hurry up at the end. We both finished an intense college education in 4 years but were not interested in keeping up that pace during grad school. But delaying graduation definitely comes with major opportunity cost.

  2. During my undergrad I actually took summer courses so I could lighten my course-load during my Honour’s project. I still graduated in four years, but it was much easier on my mental health. If I had kept the same pace and not cut down my course work during the Fall and Winter terms I could have graduated in three years in essence. It would have gotten tricky though with third and fourth year classes, since my program didn’t offer anything above intro classes in the summer. So the summers were for my electives and my minor.

    During my PhD, I took 4.5 years. Depending on the school, and the program that’s about right. I actually overshot it by a term or two. Research-based grad school can’t really be rushed too much – you need a really good result as shown in your final thesis. I was fine with going over. It actually made me feel better about the quality and strength of my degree. Even though, at the end you would do just about anything to be done early.

    • I know what you mean – there’s something about being done early that is so appealing as you near the end. Your right, grad school can’t really be rushed, but typically grad school students are in a different place than your average student.

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