Summer Jobs for Students: Why Students Should Get a Summer Job

If you’re a poor student and don’t already have a job, you should be looking for summer jobs pretty quickly, especially in the spring when everyone is hiring for the summer.

Students typically see summer as a great opportunity to slack off, hang out at the beach, and play beer pong. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all fun, but if you don’t work during the summer, you could end up having to take out student loans to pay for your next semester.

Of course you don’t want to graduate in debt, because who wants to start out their lives in tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt and having to move back in with mommy?

Here’s why you should get a job during the summer:

Build Up Experience

When you graduate, you are graduating with a whole bunch of people who are entering the workforce (or trying to) with you, so you want to make sure that you have a leg up on them.

You won’t be able to have a leg up on these people if you don’t have any work experience whatsoever.

The students who were working during the summer will have a leg up on you, if you didn’t have a summer job, because they will at least be acclimatized to the working environment.

Become Less of a Poor Student

So we’re poor students, and working for a few months isn’t going to make us rich, but it will offset the cost at least a little, especially if you don’t piss away the money on .. well, beer pong.

Make as much money as you possibly can so you won’t be eating ramen as much during the semester.

A Summer Job May Help You In Your Courses

Depending on what type of summer job you are able to land, a summer job might help you in your courses.

Learning is easier when you are doing it in more than one way – ie supplementing book learning with hands-on practical experience.

I worked regularly throughout my last couple of years in school and it did teach me a thing or two and that was helpful when it came exam time.

I would just have to remember back to what we actually did in the workplace when I was stuck.

You definitely need to work in the summer if you don’t work year round as a student. There are so many benefits to it, as I’ve clearly laid out here. You won’t regret working, but you will regret not working and pissing your life away.



Summer Jobs for Students: Why Students Should Get a Summer Job — 5 Comments

  1. While it sure would have been nice to enjoy my college summers, I wound up getting an internship my junior year summer with one of the Big 4 accounting firms and it turned into a job at the end of the summer! So I was able to enjoy my senior year knowing I had a great job to start right after graduation.

    Networking and meeting people is another essential aspect of getting a summer job; you never know who you’re going to impress who might offer you a full-time job…

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