3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial That Students Meal Plan

Have you ever meal planned?

I know meal planning can take some time, and as a student who (hopefully) also has a job to help pay for the cost of tuition and textbooks, you might not have very much time.

However, you likely also don’t have very much money, and meal planning can really help out with the cost of food.

I’ve already touched on some snacks that you can eat that are much more healthy than the vending machine alternatives, and tend to be also much cheaper.

But what about full out meals?  Here are some reasons why students should absolutely meal plan:

Meal Plan to Save Money

Again, meal planning will help you save money, which, as a student, you likely do not have a lot of.

students should meal plan

students should meal plan

Money is limited and why spend more than you need to on food? Food should be consumed to fuel your body, and if you can do so for less money, you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Meal planning is cheaper because of less waste and the ability to plan around food sales. Plus you can get rid of what you already have in your cupboards.

Meal Plan to Be More Organized

I have a hard time with keeping on top of everything, from homework to my job to group projects and my social life. Throw meals in the mix and I tend to just grab something in the cafeteria quickly between classes unless I meal plan.

If you meal plan, it would only take less than an hour a week to organize your meals for the rest of the week. You’ll definitely benefit by having healthy and homemade meal options without having to think about it later on.

Meal Plan and Go Green

Many of my peers in Gen Y are very concerned about the environment and for good reason, too. We are in big trouble as a society if we continue down the path that we are on of mass consumption and mass waste.

Meal planning is green because you have much less food waste and which means less emissions from factories or even farms producing the food that we waste.

Less packaging ends up in landfills if we aren’t always buying the same things over and over again and wasting them.

Meal planning is so worth it and I think all students should meal plan. I have been meal planning for forever and it’s now just a part of my every day life. I couldn’t imagine life without meal planning.


Do you meal plan? Student or not, I want to know whether you meal plan and how it has improved your life.  


3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial That Students Meal Plan — 15 Comments

    • I’m the same way. If I can’t think of something to use the item up with, I seriously just eat it anyway (ie extra tomato sauce with a spoon, haha)

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  2. I spent way too much money on meal plans. I wanted to be able to eat at odd hours so I picked one of the more expensive plans. It was convenient with my schedule, but not worth the money looking back.

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