4 Ways that Students Can Get Active for Free (Or Cheap)

Being fit is an important part of life. There are many benefits to exercise, including (but not limited to of course) increased happiness, decreased chances of disease and depression, a healthier mind, better memory, and even more energy.

As a student, all of these benefits to exercising are important. If you are an American student, the health benefits will save you a lot of money on healthcare. Regardless of what country you come from, more energy and increased memory is never a bad thing.

free workouts for students

get outdoors!

I am very interested in fitness and cardiovascular health. I always have been and likely always will be. Perhaps as a result of my interest, I have been able to scope out the some awesome, free (or really, really cheap) methods of exercising and working out as a student.

1. The School Gym

Does your school have a gym? You may be surprised as to what the answer to that question is, if you aren’t sure. My school has a gym and it’s free for students. We have to pay a $10 refundable deposit at the beginning for our gym swipe card, but other than that it is free of charge.

The gym isn’t bad, and it’s not very busy either. You can get a good workout with the school gym.

2. School Sports

School sports are a great way to get some exercise, and there are additional benefits such as getting to know your peers and sometimes it’s even good on your resume to play sports.

School sports are usually cheap to play, and you don’t have to be in the most competitive of leagues to still get active and have fun.

3. Beer Leagues

These types of leagues are probably not the most active as far as sports go, but if you don’t want to join the school sport you can start a beer league with your friends to get out there and get active.

Beer leagues are really fun and not so serious. They are pretty much free!

4. Getting Outdoors

There is a lot of personal finance advice out there about getting outdoors and cancelling your gym membership – I don’t see the point in cancelling a gym membership if it is pretty much free anyhow, but it’s always good to get outdoors to get your blood moving and heart rate up. Outdoor activity can be very relaxing and pleasing and it’s 100% free, so why not take advantage of the months that are nicer in weather.


Students need to get more active to have more success in school. Taking advantage of at least one of the above four methods of activity and exercise can go a long way into providing a better life for students.

Do you/did you partake in free workouts as a student? What did you do to get active?


4 Ways that Students Can Get Active for Free (Or Cheap) — 2 Comments

  1. I got a lot more exercise as a student than I do now, that’s for sure. The gym, basketball courts and racquetball courts on campus were all free for students to use (part of the ‘activity fee’ built into our tuition. We also had a lot of free intramural leagues and there were plenty of outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and bike paths around campus too. Even if you avoided all of that, walking around to classes all day was better than nothing!

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