Save Money on Your Car as a Student

If you have a car as a student, there are some things to think about with respect to how to cut down the cost. We all know how expensive cars can be and they can be just an added, unnecessary cost when you are going to school. Sometimes though students need to have access to a car.

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This is especially true for working students and students that have long breaks between classes. Alternatively, if the school is in a location that is either lacking in public transportation or has unsafe transportation.

If you need a car to get to and from school, then you should be finding ways to save money on it. Here are a few helpful ways:

Don’t Pay for School Parking

Most colleges will have a student parking lot, which you can pay to park in. The premium to park can be quite high and can be an unnecessary expense.

Instead of paying to park in the student parking lot, scope out some free parking in residential areas around the school.

This has the bonus of a free workout if you have to walk a couple of blocks from your car to class.

Don’t Waste Gas by Taking the Car Out on Spares

I know a lot of students who will take their car for a spin on a spare, so that they can burn time or even go to get food somewhere.

Everything that you need is on most campuses, so why waste the gas and money driving around aimlessly or for something you “need” that you could get on campus?

It’s pointless, so don’t do it. It’s a waste of money!

If you stuck around and studied instead, maybe your grades would be a bit better :)

Save on Insurance

Car insurance can easily be one of the more expensive things about having a car. Saving on car insurance can be a good way to cut back on the cost of car ownership.

Try raising your deductible or shopping around for rates. Click here to make a car insurance comparison which may help you save a couple of dimes.

Buy a Used (But Reliable) Car

Buying a new car is a huge waste of money. A car (especially a new one) loses a lot of it’s value when you drive it off the lot. Furthermore, the car may not suit your needs for the period of time that it’s worth something.

Buy a used but also reliable car. This will decrease the amount that you put out initially to buy the car, but also will ensure that your car won’t break down causing ugly repair bills.


A penny saved is a penny earned and this is especially true if you are a student.



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