Should You Start a Blog to Make Money In College?

Blogging can be quite a lucrative career, so I hear. Lots of people make a decent amount from blogging and there’s also a handful of bloggers in the personal finance community who have been able to quit their day jobs to blog full-time. If they aren’t blogging full-time, many admit that their blogs led them to clients by increasing exposure and presence online, thereby allowing them to quit.

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, and Holly from Club Thrifty are among those personal finance bloggers who have been able to do this, and I’m sure it extends much farther than just the personal finance community.

There are plenty of posts about making money blogging, so I won’t get into that, but I think there could be some interesting dialogue to blogging for a living as a student. From my perspective, here are some pros and cons to it.

how I make money online

how I make money online

Blogging is Work That Expands Your Knowledge and Helps You Network

Even if you are a reader of blogs, you can learn a lot from them. For instance, before I began my post-secondary education I began reading personal finance blogs so I could get a better handle on my money while I was in school. I learned a lot and even some more academic stuff, so I was able to carry that over and use it in my education.

Furthermore, if you live in a larger city, you will find that there are quite a few bloggers in that city that you can connect with, thereby helping you build a nice network of people.

Blogging to Make Money is Hard Work and Requires a Lot of Time

Depending on what type of student you are, you likely don’t have a ton of extra time between midterms, finals, classes, homework, sports, and perhaps a job. Blogging can take a lot of work, even if you aren’t doing it for money. If you want to make some money from your blog you have to put a lot of effort into it.

I think people underestimate the work of professional bloggers because they generally get to work from home, but it’s still tough stuff!

Blogging Requires You to Put Yourself Out There

Especially in college when you have a lot of first impressions to make when you start searching for a job for the first time, you have to be very careful online. Blogging really requires you to put yourself out there on the internet. Because of this, you could be treading some dangerous waters if you post anything that might be misconstrued even slightly as irresponsible, unprofessional, or silly.

Many people have anonymous blogs, which is fine too, but it’s harder to make money from anonymous blogs from what I understand.

Blogging is Location Independent

Hey, as long as you have Wifi or even old school ethernet internet, you can blog. This is great because you don’t have to work around a store’s schedule. You can blog in your spares, from bed, and even be interactive on social media while you are taking public transportation to school.

This is one of the biggest pros of blogging for an income when you are in college; it really is flexible (like any work-for-yourself-online work) and can provide a reprieve for students and families from the 9-5 cubicle job and the daily commute.

You have to look at whether or not the location independence of blogging for to make money outweighs the sheer amount of time and effort it takes, which will be up to you.

The bottom line about blogging for an income…

The bottom line is that, like any income producing activity, blogging can be challenging and isn’t right for everybody. You will have to look at your lifestyle to see what works for you. You could always start a blog for cheap (you don’t have to put a lot of money into your first year like I did)¬†and see where it takes you. Maybe you’ll hate it and then you’ll know to move on; maybe you’ll love it and find a passion. Either way, it never hurts to try.

Is blogging for an income something you would have done as a student?


Should You Start a Blog to Make Money In College? — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Poor Student,

    Yes I agree blogging can be difficult but at the same time if it was easy everyone would be doing it right?

    Making income from blogging is quite tough, it really is about building a decent following, creating products around your blog rather than the blog itself.. I feel though if you deliver quality to your audience it is more than possible :)

    I am out of college and it does not get much easier once you are in full-time work.. I recommend getting started now, when you probably have more time flexibility

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  3. Well this is amazing post! As, blogging is the best way to make money in an fast and efficient manner. No, doubt it might be difficuilt to start from the initial level but after sometime it rocks.

  4. I graduated in 3.5 years so there’s really no way I could have blogged. My schedule was jam packed with extra credits each semester and I couldn’t have graduated that fast if I was trying to blog as well. Good grades should always take top priority!

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