Cheap Date Ideas for College Students

One of the most exciting aspects of college is being surrounded by like-minded, like-aged new friends and experimenting by dating lots of different kinds of people. But it can get pricey if you’re going out once or twice a week and spending time and money with new people!

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But just because you don’t have the cash doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive and memorable date. If you’re planning a fun night out for you and a prospective sweetie, here are five ideas that will be a pleasant surprise and won’t set you back on your student loan payments:

1. Look at your dining plan and see if any restaurants will accept your meal card

Some universities partner with local restaurants to provide deals for students. Do some research on your meal plan to find out if any local restaurants accept your meal card. At the very least, inquire about a student discount or student night to save a few dollars no matter where you go.

2. Get the most out of University events

Universities know you’re trying to impress on a budget, so they often sponsor free or low-cost events. Look up Student Relations for ideas and upcoming events to escort a date to. Events can range from fundraisers for special causes, nights at the college planetarium, or just attending a free lecture and talking about it with your date.

3. Enjoy the great outdoors

Many colleges and universities are located near regional outdoor beauty. Near the Smoky Mountains? Take a date for a hike and a picnic. Within an hours drive of the Grand Canyon? Sounds like a romantic, outdoorsy kind of date to us. Make the most of your local flavor.

4. Re-live a childhood memory

If things are getting serious, an appropriately romantic date idea would be to re-live a particular childhood memory. Does your date fondly remember a 5th birthday party at a skating rink? Re-create the event (complete with streamers and balloons from the dollar store) for an extra-special surprise.

5. Make music together

Ready to be really creative? Go on a music-themed event by gathering all of the musical instruments you have access to (ask around, you’d be surprised) and creating and recording a hilarious song with your date. No expensive equipment required — just pop out your iPhone or recording software on your Mac and let the hilarity ensue.

What did we miss? What’s the best (cheapest) date you’ve ever been on?


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