Part Time Jobs that Fit the College Schedule

While your first choice might be college student-friendly on-campus jobs, there’s a whole world of opportunity off campus that can help you pad your savings account as you take classes and further your education.

Better yet? Not only can these jobs be higher paying than those on-campus, they can also help you figure out what jobs you might enjoy in the future.

part time college jobs

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Practice Your Green Thumb Lawn Maintenance

Many college campuses are surrounded by family or elderly communities of retired or practicing professors, faculty, and staff members. Put out flyers for help with lawn maintenance and recurring outside projects that these populations might prefer to outsource. Bonus points: you might meet some very important people you otherwise wouldn’t run into, and your hard work will speak well for you.

Get a Workout with Local Gyms

If you’re fit and love to exercise, chances are there’s a local gym or community center who can use your energy. Stop by and share your love of sports, running, swimming, or other community activities and see if they have any paid internship opportunities available. Just be prepared to treat it like a job — if you are scheduled for appointments or classes and you don’t show, you likely won’t be invited back.

The added benefit? You’ll likely get a membership for free, saving you the cost of your own gym membership, and you’ll also be paid for time you would probably spend working out anyway!

Write Blogs for an Income

Do you love to write on a variety of topics, but don’t feel like you have the experience or know-how to get a job as a full time writer? Many websites pay people to write blog posts, website copy, and articles, and so long as you’re a good writer, they don’t care about your credentials. Get started on ProBlogger and Blogging Pro job boards and see if there’s a good fit with your interests!

I’ve recently written a post about whether you should blog for money in college, so check that out too.

Double-Up on Benefits

A sneaky way to get the most out of college employment is to find a job somewhere you spend a lot of money. For example,  get hired at a grocery store to get the employee discount on your weekly groceries, or at the movie theater to supplement your entertainment budget. The only trick? Make sure working there won’t encourage you to spend more money than you usually would, as in the case of most clothing and electronic stores.

What are your favorite off-campus part time job ideas?


Part Time Jobs that Fit the College Schedule — 2 Comments

  1. I just happened to post an article this morning of 21 ways to earn extra money (but geared more toward moms who want to be home with kiddos). In all my research fir that article, I never once saw or thought of working someone for the side benefits. What a great point!!

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