Apartment Hunting as a College Student – How to Save Money

When you start looking for a place to live as a college student, it can be easy to get pulled into more expensive or less convenient places than you actually want. Instead of following your peers and friends, make sure you apartment hunt the right way to get an apartment that will suit your needs your budgets and your own personal requirements.

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Rent According to Your Schedule

The best way to choose an apartment is based on where your classes are located. Locate apartments that are close by to where you tend to go to the most.

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Do you work at a pizza place downtown? Make sure your apartment is convenient so you don’t have a lot of downtime in your schedule. Do you tend to go to class in a building that’s farther away from most buildings on campus? Then you need to make sure that the apartment you get will make it easier to meet the needs of your schedule.

Live with Roommates

The most budget-friendly thing you can do in college is to live with roommates. However, you need to make sure that you live with people you want to live with, not that you want to party with. Your home needs to be a place where you can study entertain or have friends stay with you. It does not need to be a place where there’s always a party lots of alcohol or other things that might require you to give a disclaimer to any of your guests.

The best we can protect yourself is to create a roommate agreement. Even if your best friends are the people that you are moving in with, it’s still important to have an agreement in place so that everyone is protected and all of your preferences are out in the open. This agreement should cover overnight friends and visiting families, how you’ll divide the bills and the cost of rent, and what you’ll do if someone needs to leave your apartment lease agreement early.

Stock-Up on Apartment Basics Smartly

When you first start buying things for your apartment, those little expenses can add up. Even just kitchen supplies can run several hundred dollars if you don’t shop correctly. Make the best of your situation by shopping yard sales in your college town or visiting thrift shops. You can find the things you need a fraction of the cost and that is money that you can save on your student loans or put into savings so that you don’t have to work as much during school year.

How have you saved money apartment hunting as a student?


Apartment Hunting as a College Student – How to Save Money — 3 Comments

  1. Living with roommates is definitely the way to go! I’ve rented a room via Craigslist for $275/month – all included (including a cleaning lady, and an HOA that does everything outside). Pretty swell for me but can be repeated by others.

    Good post. A lot of good suggestions. Subscribed!

  2. In college, I never lived alone. I was either in a dorm or off campus with a group of other students in order to decrease the cost of living expenses. Now that I am paying off my student loans, I am happy to say that I cut costs somewhere…

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