Students: Do This One Easy Thing to Make Money

College is the time for making new friends, learning about yourself, and picking up marketable industry skills to make you successful. So, when you’ve got a busy schedule, how exactly are you supposed to fit in earning a living? If you like walking and paying attention to details, metal detecting might be the hobby for you!

coins on ground metal detecting

Not only is it a great group activity or cheap date, metal detecting can also be quite lucrative! You never know what you’ll pick up, or where your next find will come from. It’s an adventure that can make you some quick cash:

How to Get Started Metal Detecting

The best way to get started with metal detecting as a hobby is to rent a metal detector. Purchasing one can be very expensive, and if you’re not sure you’ll love it, it could be a waste of money.

Start by finding a Rent-a-center or local renting shop to see if they have a selection of metal detectors. Then, take one out for the day to see if it’s a fun way to spend time.

What to Look for While Detecting

While metal detecting can obviously be used to find loose coins and other valuable items, it can also open you to a world of historical preservation. Many metal detecting clubs are based on the premise of finding, protecting, and preserving historical items before they are lost to construction and misplacement.

If you go to college near a historical site, it’s possible that you can be a part of preserving history, too! Just pop by your college’s history or archaeology department with your find and see if it is helpful.

Best Places for Metal Detecting at College

The theme of metal detecting may as well be “Finder’s, keeper’s!”. Often the best finds are long-lost change and jewelry lost in gutters, fields, and other hard-to-search areas. If your college is nearby a beach, that’s also a prime location for finding valuables.

Not sure if you’re comfortable with keeping or selling other’s valuables? Post generic details of your findings on Craigslist or the college newsletter to allow the rightful owner to come forth — then profit, guilt-free!

Have you ever gone metal detecting?


Students: Do This One Easy Thing to Make Money — 2 Comments

  1. Every time I go to Hawaii I see someone beach combing with a metal detector. I always find it funny, but good for them! It may take a while to find something, but how rewarding it must be to finally find something.

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