Online Poker – A Black and White Issue

Since we’re interested in money, it’s maybe worth pointing out that there are plenty of games that involve playing with cash. Poker is and has been pretty popular and although you can play it just for fun – cash-free – there is a certain spice to finishing a game with more money in front of you than you started with.

There are heaps of other casino style games out there, but poker appeals because it’s about skill more than it is blind luck. You can get good at poker!



There are all sorts of places to play and, reassuringly, there are also lots of different places to tell you the differences between them. Sites like are ideal for telling you where the best payouts and the best free money offers are to be found.

Now there are two schools of thought on this – it’s pretty black and white. One view is that any form of gambling is not a sensible thing to do with your cash. Putting it at risk is to put it in jeopardy, and that is a big fat no. That line of thinking hits a brick wall fairly quickly.

The other school of thought is more about poker than it is about gambling pure and simple. As we’ve established there is more to poker than just good fortune. That means it is a way to entertain yourself, to educate yourself (there are endless complexities that go way beyond the odds of the right card appearing out of a stack of cards), and it’s a way to have some fun.

Now, fun is the important part of the deal. Accumulating capital at whatever level is all well and good, but all saving and no fun makes Jack a very dull boy. So if you can combine the two – accumulating cash and having fun – that means you’re getting two for the price of one!

There are professional poker millionaires like Vanessa Rousso who started out playing poker whilst she was at college. As she got better her wins got steadily bigger. Ultimately she quit college because she was making so much at poker! That’s my kind of a hobby!

So the bottom line here is that is possible to enjoy yourself a way that needn’t cost very much at all, and which, if you’re prepared to do some homework, carries the potential to give your bank balance a major boost.

Don’t expect to become a millionaire from gambling – in fact, it usually goes the opposite way and will bankrupt you and leave you addicted and your family in ruins – however, if you are responsible and set a budget and don’t make a bad habit out of it, it can be a fun way to spend an evening.

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