How to Earn Passive Income While In College

You have bills to pay.

Of course you do, you’re a college student. Text books, food, tuition, housing, and the occasional drink at the pub aren’t free.

But you also have classes to attend, study groups to join, and homework to do, so you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a job.

So you want to make money passively.

Who doesn’t?

Luckily, you can still make money through passive income while you’re in college.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Earn Passive Income with P2P

Want to cut out the banks and earn passive income by doing good?

In comes P2P.

P2P lending is lending money to a peer (peer-to-peer lending) instead of a bank, or a credit union.

This is a huge, awesome opportunity to make money and many people make thousands of dollars a month in passive income through P2P lending.

Think about it – banks make a ton of money through lending, and so can you.

So sign up for a P2P platform (the most popular lending platform is which will connect you as a lender to borrowers, and as a borrower to lenders) and get the ball rolling. If you sign up with Prosper through my affiliate link, it will be very helpful to me :)

Invest Your Cash

You’re saving whatever cash you do have for tuition, right?

But it shouldn’t just be sitting in your bank account to never earn any money. Make it work for you!

Invest your money to make some truly passive income. Most people don’t invest because they have analysis paralysis – they just think they don’t know enough about it and it’s daunting.

But if you ever considered investing and haven’t started yet, now is the time to do it.

My favorite platform is  eToro.You can find other traders on eToro, view their returns, and copy portfolios with their OpenBook feature.

Cash In On Other People’s Recycling

There are a lot of ways you can leverage other people’s recycling to earn passive income.

For instance, look around your dorm. Are there people who are throwing out bottles and cans? You could always cash in on those opportunities and save the planet.

What about old electronics? Do you – or your roommates – have any old electronics kicking around?

Sell them!


These are easily the two best and most profitable, time-stamped ways of earning passive income. Don’t pass up the opportunity for free, easy money!

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