Cheap Valentine’s Dates Great for College Students

Do you have a Valentine?

Either a significant other you’ve been with for awhile, or a one-time or first date who you plan on going out with this Valentine’s day?

If so, and you’re a student, you probably want to save money on your date.

After all, you have tuition and textbooks to pay for and a $60 dinner isn’t feasible anymore.

Luckily there are are ways to save money on your Valentines day date – try one of these alternatives instead of the expensive steak dinner:

A Picnic at Home

Eating at home isn’t’ particularly romantic, however what is, is having a picnic at home. Pack up a basket and lay out a blanket in your living room. Some candles also help, plus some music.

Make sure to cook up a decent meal instead of just throwing sandwhiches together, but the ambiance of eating on the ground with one another can be very romantic. Plus, it will save you some money.

Movie and Dessert

Instead of going for a full dinner, a movie is actually pretty cheap – as long as you don’t get snacks at the theater. You won’t be able to spend as much time with one another chatting with the movie playing in the background, so after your movie, head out for some dessert at your local ice cream shop or restaurant.

Dessert keeps the cost down and it’s also very Valentines’ day-esque.

Walk at the Park

Who says you need to go on your date in the evening on Valentine’s day? Just because most people do, doesn’t mean that has to be the case. Instead, try going to the park during the day for a walk. Not only is it fun and gets you outside, but you’ll also avoid the crazy V-day crowds that happen in the evening.

Plus, walks let you talk more than restaurants do.


College students don’t have to completely avoid celebrating Valentine’s day. They can enjoy for much less!


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