7 Ultra Cheap Foods to Get You Through College

Are you currently living the college life? Are you trying to scrimp and save each week just to be able to feed yourself? These can be very stressful times (but still fun somehow), but you should never let your stomach go empty. Here are seven cheap foods that you can buy even if your bank account is in the single digits.

1) Eggs – Did you know that you can still find eggs for under a dollar in some discount super markets? With three eggs you can easily tide yourself over to the next meal, which means that you are only paying about $0.25 for each meal! It’s pretty healthy and it’s cheap!

2) Ramon Noodle – When you buy a package of Ramon noodles, each serving equates to only about 10 cents. Granted, this meal is jam packed full of sodium and isn’t the healthiest thing for you, but if you desperately need some food and your pockets are only clinking with change, then this is the meal for you.

3) Brown Rice – By heading to your local discount grocery store, you can buy a 2-pound bag of rice for just over a dollar. It doesn’t look like that much food when you buy it, but when cooked rice really bulks up (as it absorbs water). One bag of rice can easily serve one person 7 or 8 times. The cost per meal on this is about $0.13.

4) Sandwiches with Lunch Meat – Sometimes it’s tough to make a meal that you can easily take with you and eat for lunch. Sandwiches with lunch meat and cheese provide you with some nutrition and with a loaf of bread costing $1, a pound of lunch meat costing $2.50, and a pound of cheese costing $1, you could provide yourself with 10 solid sandwiches for only $4.50, or $0.45 per sandwich.

5) Oatmeal – This is a pretty nutritious meal, and for whatever reason it is far less expensive than dried cereal. You can feed yourself about 10 servings on a large $2 canister of oatmeal. Cost per serving: $0.20.

6) Potatoes – If you buy potatoes in season, you can score a 10lb bag for just a couple of bucks. Two potatoes will certainly fill you up, and with about 24 potatoes in each bag you have 12 meals for yourself here. Paying $2 for twelve meals means that you’re only paying $0.17 per meal!

7) Tuna – This food is jammed full of protein and is quite filling. You could mix two $0.40 cans of tuna with half a bag of noodles (which will put you back $0.50), four eggs ($0.33), and a couple teaspoons of mayo ($.20) and make yourself a batch of tuna salad that would give you about 8 servings. Total cost per serving:  $0.23.

Fast food is starting to sound pretty expensive isn’t it? Heading to McDonald’s and ordering $5 worth of food is simply a waste of money, and it isn’t remotely healthy for you! Instead, purchase the foods on this list and survive from week to week for less than $20 total!

Have you purchased any of these foods lately?

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