Contribute an Article

We love having different voices on Poor Student. There are so many students out there trying to do similar things, and it’s great to get different perspectives. If you have a similar blog or just want to get exposure (ie if you are a journalism student or finance student), and want to contribute an article (or more than one), we want to hear from you.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please send an email to poorstudentblog @ with the word “Contribution” in the subject line. Please note that a student or personal blogger contributing an article is far different from advertising. This is not a way for you to get free advertising!

We require the following specs for our contributions:

  • Post of at least 500 words, relevant and on topic about college and university students and money
  • Proof read, error free (or mostly error free – we don’t expect you to be perfect!)
  • A bio with the post. You may link up to 2 separate links in the post to your own blog
  • A creative commons photograph (or an original photograph) to go with the article, attributed to the source
  • We would appreciate social media promotion to your article once it is posted from your accounts

Please email us with any topic ideas you may have and we can go from there.