First off let me say that I find it very annoying when people create words like “chocoholic” or “shopaholic”. What is chocohol? Shopahol? We have people who really like chocolate or shopping but do not understand word endings. With that said I have come to realize I am an internetoholic, or whatever you would call somebody addicted to the internet.

My home internet provider is in the process of switching all their services to 4G. That meant if we had stayed with the company we would have faster internet, but we would have a new data limit (my internetoholism makes that a problem) and the plan would become more expensive. customers had until July 14th to change to the new 4G plan or they would lose their service.

We intended to stay with the company until that date and then get a new provider who could offer cheaper unlimited internet. However at the start of June our company’s tower went down and we lost our service. When we called to see when it would come back I was told they weren’t going to fix it because they were switching all the equipment in six weeks anyway. That is some kind of BS. So then we called up another company and to make a long story short, we were led on, thinking our installation would be a long time ago, and then we didn’t hear from them until recently, when I was told it would be installed on Tuesday.

So I have been without internet for going on seven weeks now. I never would have guessed I was so accustomed to the internet. But now I know that I just about need internet, lots of it everyday. I have a few sites I check everyday; I love Cracked, which is where I learn most of the things I know, I check daily, it is my go to site for sports, and I check all the blogs in my blogroll. In addition to those I check my email, which often is fairly important. I do all my banking online, also very important. This blog has been a bit neglected during my internetless time. And then there were a few things that are actually necessities. Course selection for the upcoming school year is entirely online and of course came about while I did not have internet. Because of that I had to wake up an hour early and bring my laptop to the coffee shop in my town before work. And not having internet has cost me money, quite a bit of money for a student working a minimum wage job like me. Without the internet I have not been able to use Swag Bucks or Superpoints, such easy money that a monkey could do it. I also have a few more ways that I make money online that I obviously can’t do with no internet.

This time without internet has been trying in its own very small way. I know it is nothing to complain about but the internet has very much become a part of a “normal” lifestyle. I survived without it but the last month and a bit would have been a lot better with internet.

The only way this can be applied to students is that I can tell you that in my opinion, if you are getting internet service while you are living on your own, spring for the unlimited service or if that is unavailable, the highest data limit.

You probably do not realize how much you use internet in your free time, plus all the internet you need to use for school. Ideally you can find alternative solutions but in the case you can’t it is best to get as much internet as you can. Better to pay a little extra each month than paying overuse fees every month.


I have been included in several blog carnivals because I signed up for a free trial of Corey’s carnival submission service over at 20’s Finances. I appreciate the help Corey.

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June Dividends

It is that time of the month. That came out wrong perhaps. I mean that I have now collected all my dividends for the month of June. And it was my best month yet.

At the start of the year (actually late January) I wrote my goals for the upcoming year. In them I stated that I wanted to make $200 from dividends this year. An unreachable goal with my very limited income and all my scholarly expenses. I am very competitive but I am okay with not meeting this goal. In spite of what that statement may imply, I am in the process of working adding stocks and ETFs that pay dividends. right now I have one mutual fund, two ETFs and two stocks. That is much more than with which I started the year.

This month was a lucky month in that two of my three quarterly payers paid their dividends this month. With the help of that fact my June dividends were $27.93. That is an awesome feeling. That alone is more than two hours of work at my current job.

June marks the halfway point of the year and so far I have $70.41. That puts me at a pace of $140.82 annually. Now that I calculate that I can see my goal is not entirely unreasonable. It will be tough but I think with another purchase of investments or two I could make it.

At Suburban Finance they make $900/month with a few good ideas for passive income.

Hopefully reading this will inspire you a bit. Six months ago I only made $7.57. Now I have $20 more than that, with only more to come. That fact I find pretty persuasive. This early start should really start to reveal itself in ten years or so when my numbers are closer or maybe even greater than the current totals of Passive Income Earner. And these updates let me track that.

Yakezie Writing Contest

I am a member of the Yakezie Network, or at least a challenger. I show this with a square on the right of the home page of this website. It is a community of bloggers who help each other with all things. I joined because I thought it would boost the popularity of my blog, but that did not happen as automatically as I thought it would. Luckily in the place of traffic I found so many people willing to help me whenever I had a question, or support me whenever the occasion called for it.

Every once in a while Yakezie holds a writing contest. I know this because the current contest running is in order to help students pay for their education. What has two thumbs and needs money for education? This guy! So I wrote what I consider a very meaningful piece and I am quite proud of it. But for it to get its due and serve its purpose, I need people to vote for it in this contest.

In order to vote for me (I’m begging here), you can go to the following link:

And read my story. It is optional that you enjoy it but I hope you do. then you must register for Yakezie as only registered members are able to vote. The registration is very short and simple. Then all you need to do is comment on my story. A comment is one vote. It also has a graded system where a comment in which you say you give my article a 3 or a 2 is better than a simple comment, which is worth 1. A 3 is worth the most so that is what would be ideal for me.

In return for your vote, I can offer the satisfaction that you are helping a student obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree. Other benefits may or may not include and are not limited to; becoming taller, a sudden boost of confidence, finding money in the pockets of your jeans, sunnier weather, fewer commercials when you watch television and better sleep. However there is the possible side effect of being so happy that grumpy people may resent you for a second or two. This shall pass once you tell them you are happy because you voted for my article and they are able to do the same.

Here is the article in case for some reason you have continued reading this instead of voting for me.

Thank you to everyone!